As time goes by, elevators and escalators require upgrading of important components to ensure functionality, safety, and extended service life. In addition to these factors, an upgrade in the equipment allows to aggregate modern technologies that were not applicable in older systems, adding value to the enterprise. Thyssenkrupp Modernization offers solutions that aim to guarantee greater safety and economy to its customers and partners through superior technical performance products which ensure a high standard of reliability with sophisticated design. New microprocessed control systems (dashboards), high-performance gearless traction machines, LED and LCD indicators and boosters, cabs with modern design and safety updates by new regulatory standards are examples of applied components.

Why modernize an elevator


The tranquility of the passenger is a priority, so our equipment has modern security systems and state-of-the-art technology.

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Traffic becomes faster and faster, ensuring better transport performance.

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Concern about the reduction in energy consumption and the lower cost of replacing components is one of the main benefits of modernization.

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Tradition and credibility that only ThyssenKrupp offers.

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When to modernize an elevator

Realizing recurring technical problems and high time for elevator repair.

When obsolescence of key components for availability and essential for the proper functioning of the lift.

Note that the high part replacement cost is associated with component obsolescence. When it is necessary to optimize the flow of passengers through the application of more modern technologies that ensure a better flow of passengers transport in the building.

By requiring a new design with modern finishes that fit the design of the building, adding new user interfaces that enhance your transportation experience.

To adapt the lift to current technical standards, municipal, state or specific building inspection laws that require a higher level of safety at the facility.

Custom modernization replaces everything from the most complex to the simplest, and does not require the entire structure to be replaced.


Custom modernization involves replacing anything from simple to more complex components and does not require changing the entire structure.

Total modernization involves replacing all the equipment, with the possibility of reusing some of the old elevator’s components.

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